No country for (old-fashioned) opposition (Eliamep policy paper)

Policy Paper on the state of the opposition after the May elections. Turkey is facing the threat of having no viable opposition anymore, but a cosmetic one that serves to legitimize the government, but doesn’t have any real chances of winning important elections. If the opposition doesn’t act united in the municipal elections, which are scheduled for March 2024, the AKP will most likely win back cities like Istanbul, Ankara, Read More …

Two Turkeys and the opposition at a crossroads, Progressive Post

Article for the Progressive Post on what the elecions in Turkey mean for the opposition: The Turkish election results mean continuity in domestic and foreign policy with a tendency to more authoritarianism at home and an eastward-looking foreign policy. For the opposition, the cards are being reshuffled and it seems that for now, the time of more liberal experiments is over. Full article:

Nach der Wahl in der Türkei, RBB Inforadio

Interview mit dem Inforadio RBB nach der zweiten Runde der Präsidentschaftswahlen in der Türkei. Politologe: Erdoğan wird autokratischen Stil fortführen Der alte ist der neue türkische Präsident: Amtsinhaber Recep Tayyip Erdoğan hat die Stichwahl gewonnen. Weder das verheerende Erdbeben noch die Wirtschaftslage im Land seien für Erdoğans Sieg ausschlaggebend gewesen, sondern die Identitätspolitik, sagt Politologe Ekrem Eddy Güzeldere. Beim Thema Identitätspolitik spiele die Person Erdoğan eine wichtige Rolle in der Read More …

Turkey Election: President Erdogan in tight electoral race, WION

I participated in a program on Indian News Channel WION on 14 May some 6 hours before the opening of the ballot boxes. For analysts it’s easy, because “everything is still possible”, so you can’t be wrong. The trend showed a little advantage of Kilicdaroglu in the presidential elections, but with less than 50% and an advantage of the AKP led alliance in the parliamentary elections. Watch the program (8 Read More …

Quo Vadis Turkey – Ta Nea

Article for Greek daily Ta Nea on the prospects for the 14 May elections in Turkey. Published on 22 April 2023. English version: What prospects for the elections in Turkey? The election campaign in Turkey is entering its decisive phase. All 26 parties participating in the elections on 14 May have submitted their lists of candidates. The largest opposition alliance, lead by the Kemalist-social democratic CHP, has succeeded in drawing Read More …

Speciale elezioni 2023 Turchia – questione alevita

Intervista sulle dichiarazioni del candidato d’opposizione alle presidenziali, Kemal Kiliçdaroglu, e sulla questione alevita. Registrazione video di “Seçim 2023 – Speciale elezioni 2023 Turchia (Quinta puntata)”, registrato venerdì 21 aprile 2023 alle 16:12. Tra gli argomenti discussi: Elezioni, Erdogan, Esteri, Presidenziale, Turchia. La registrazione video ha una durata di 17 minuti. Il contenuto è disponibile anche nella sola versione audio. Per il video:

Spazio Transnazionale – Erdogan e le Presidenziali

Ho partecipato al programma di Radio Radicale “Spazio Transnazionale”, condotto da Francesco de Leo. Nella seconda parte del programma abbiamo parlato delle elezioni in Turchia. Al dibattito ha partecipato anche Mariano Giustino, corrispondente di Radio Radicale in Turchia. Tutto il programma: La parte sulla Turchia comincia a 40:45 minuti, il mio intervento a 49:15.