Two Turkeys and the opposition at a crossroads, Progressive Post

Article for the Progressive Post on what the elecions in Turkey mean for the opposition: The Turkish election results mean continuity in domestic and foreign policy with a tendency to more authoritarianism at home and an eastward-looking foreign policy. For the opposition, the cards are being reshuffled and it seems that for now, the time of more liberal experiments is over. Full article:

Democratic-values against authoritarianism? In the end it will be [again] the economy, stupid!

Eliamep policy brief (28 July 2022) summarising the main aspects of the the fourth episode of the ELIAMEP-MEDYASCOPE MEDIA SERIES (ELIMED), entitled “Value-based opposition against authoritarianism” (28 June 2022). The participants of the program, which I moderated, were Özge Mumcu Aybars, Sezin Öney and Osman Sert. Link to the pdf: Summary Οpposition parties around the world (e.g., in Hungary, Poland, Brazil and Turkey) have started to form alliances against Read More …