I have been working as a consultant for an Austrian consultancy since 2003. I write policy briefs and risk-analysis on various issues concerning Turkey, its neighbourhood and about Turkish communities in Europe. Since 2014 I have also been working for the Skopje based consultancy BalkanConsulting, also as a Turkey consultant.

In Berlin, I collaborated with the Italian media Mediaset for the national parliamentary elections in September 2021.

From 2007 until July 2018 I collaborated with foreign correspondents in Turkey. I regularly worked with Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, ARD radio (Germany), Radio Radicale (Italy), El Mundo (Spain), Irish Times … but also on a one-time basis with correspondents from Australia or on specific issues like the Greek community in Istanbul or falconry at the Black Sea coast.
I assisted in finding topics, I did desktop research, organized trips and meetings and did consecutive translations from Turkish to German/English/Italian/Spanish and Portuguese.

If you are interested in advise or consultancy regarding Turkey, both domestic and foreign policy issues, Brazilian foreign policy or Germany related policy issues, please get in touch: