I have been working as a consultant for an Austrian consultancy since 2003. I write policy briefs and risk-analysis on various issues concerning Turkey and its neighbourhood. Since 2014 I have also been working for the Skopje based consultancy BalkanConsulting.

From 2007 until July 2018 I collaborated with foreign correspondents in Turkey. I regularly worked with Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, SWR radio (Germany), Radio Radicale (Italy), El Mundo (Spain), Irish Times … but also on a one-time basis with correspondents from Australia or on specific issues like the Greek community in Istanbul or falconry at the Black Sea coast.
I assisted in finding topics, I did desktop research, organized trips and meetings and did consecutive translations from Turkish to German/English/Italian/Spanish and Portuguese.

Some of the latest works with journalists and the OSCE in Turkey until summer 2018:

June 2018, collaboration with Michael Martens (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) concerning the elections in Turkey.

4-5 June 2018, with Mariano Giustino in Istanbul, interviews with Ahmet Şık (now HDP candidate), Murat Sabuncu (Cumhuriyet editor-in-chief) and İbrahim Kaboğlu (now CHP candidate).

16 April 2018, with Mariano Giustino (Radio Radicale) we followed the first hearing in the trial of US-pastor Andrew Brunson, who is accused of propaganda for terrorist organizations and espionage, in the prison-court in Sakran prison North of Aliaga in the province of Izmir.

13-15 February 2018, with Mariano Giustino (Radio Radicale) visiting the refugee camps Boynuyogun (Hatay province) and Öncüpinar (Kilis) and covering the situation at the Turkish-Syrian border. Some photos:

11 February 2018, with Mariano Giustino (Radio Radicale), covering the 3rd Ordinary Party Congress of the HDP in Ankara.

3-4 February 2018, with Italian journalist Mariano Giustino (Radio Radicale), covering the 36th congress of the biggest opposition party CHP in Ankara. Some impressions here:

19 December 2017, with Irish journalist Stephen Star (Irish Times), working on gentrification in Istanbul’s Okmeydani district.

3 May 2017, with Mariano Giustino interviewing Hisyar Özsoy, HDP’s foreign relations spokeperson, in Ankara.

25 March to 19 April 2017, ELE/ TUR LTO Assistant-Interpreter for the OSCE/ODIHR referendum observation. I assisted two long-term observers (Khalil Zerargui and Nicolas Heyum) with logistical help in Istanbul and Thrace. Organizing of meetings and travels, consecutive translation during interviews with election boards, NGOs, academics, media and political parties.

27-28 February 2017, with Michael Martens (FAZ), interviewing Ömer Faruk Gergerlioglu in Izmit.

23-25 February 2017, with Mariano Giustino (Radio Radicale) in Ankara for several interviews and the AKP Congress.

26-28 February 2016, with Mariano Giustino (Radio Radicale) on the island of Chios covering the refugee issue.

8-9 February 2016, with Reinhard Baumgarten (ARD Radio) in Diyarbakir.

5 February 2016, with Laura Kors (Dutch radio journalist) in Izmir on the refugee issue (Basmane).

22-25 October 2015, with Reinhard Baumgarten (ARD Radio) in Diyarbakir, Mardin, Midyat.