Interview with Novosti on Turkey earthquakes

I was interviewed by the independent Serbian weekly Novosti (Zagreb) about the earthquakes in Turkey. The interview was done by Jerko Bakotin, the headline reads: “Citizens are furious because of the weak response of the state to the earthquake.” Full interview:

TV-Interview on the earthquake in Turkey, ERT

I was interviewed by Greek National TV ERT (7 February 2023) on the earthquake in Turkey. The questions were concerning why so many buildings collapsed, whether corruption plays a role, are amnesties happening to legalize irregular buildings etc.. full internview:

Earthquake in Turkey, N1TV Croatia

I commented in the news program on the Croatian channel N1 on the earthquake, which occured on 6 February 2023 in 10 provinces from Antakya to Diyarbakir. Full interview of roughly 12 minutes: