Article on the Kurdish vote in Turkey’s elections, Ta Nea

An opinion piece for the Greek daily Ta Nea, published on 4 February 2023, on the importance of the Kurdish vote in the upcoming elections in Turkey. The article is based on our Eliamep policy brief “Turkey’s Kurds: Kingmakers in the upcoming elections?”, which I wrote together with Evangelos Areteos,

Turkey’s Kurds: Kingmakers in the upcoming elections? (Eliamep policy paper)

Policy paper (published 26 January 2023) written together with Evangelos Areteos, about both changes in Kurdish society, especially among the younger generations and the role the Kurdish vote will play in the upcoming elections in May 2023. Read the full paper pdf of the paper: Introduction Turkey’s Kurdish population is undergoing profound societal changes characterized primarily by the dynamics of secularization and modernization. The younger generations of Kurds, mainly Read More …