Turchia tra UE, USA e Russia (12.6.2021)

I participated in the third edition of the Turkey EU Forum organized by Mariano Giustino. I spoke in the second panel on Germany-Turkey relations arguing that Germany is one of the strongest supporters of the so-called positive agenda and a transactional relationship. The reasons for this are the domestic situation in Germany with almost 3 million people with a background in Turkey and the strong economic relations.

You can listen and watch the full forum on the site of Radio Radicale (in Italian): https://www.radioradicale.it/scheda/639565/turchia-tra-usa-ue-e-russia-la-politica-estera-turca-tra-cambiamenti-geopolitici-e

my intervention (in Italian): https://www.radioradicale.it/scheda/639565/turchia-tra-usa-ue-e-russia-la-politica-estera-turca-tra-cambiamenti-geopolitici-e?i=4287126