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21 February 2017, lecture on Turkey-Brazil relations, SRI

I will present the topic of my PhD thesis, Turkey-Brazil relations, focusing on the empiric aspects, at the Swedish Research Institute inside the Swedish Consulate in Istanbul. You have to register for the lecture, please see the link for details or click on the poster.Turkey-Brazil relations, 21 Feb. 2017, SRI

Reports & Papers

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Dezember 2014, Brasilien ... fast ohne Klischees Das Buch "Brasilien ... fast ohne Klischees" kann seit Dezember 2014 beim Verlag tredition bestellt werden und bei allen bekannten online-Anbietern oder im Buchhandel.   Paperback (6,99 Euro)... Read more
Dezember 2014, Die Kurden und der IS, welttrends Zusammen mit Ergin Güneş (Universität Tunceli) haben wir einen Artikel, "Die Kurden und der IS", bei Welttrends veröffentlicht. Das Heft 99 hat als Hauptthema Südkorea. Die bis heute alle zwei... Read more
May 2014 "A Political Romance: Relations between Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina", Populari I participated in the research for the new Populari report on Turkey-BiH relations, which was published in late May 2014. I was with two Populari researchers in Ankara in November 2013 and in... Read more
October 2012, Civilianizing Turkish policy Book chapter: “Civilianizing Turkish policy – civil society in decision-making and civil-military relations“, in Abbas Kadhim (ed.), "Governance in the Middle East and North Africa", Routledge... Read more
Inamo, Fall 2011: “Die Aleviten“ Für das Inamo Heft 67: "9 Jahre AKP" ein Artikel zu den Aleviten und die alevitische Initiative der Regierung. Meine ursprüngliche Überschrift war "Die andere (Nicht-)Muslime".  Artikel online bei... Read more
2011, The AKP, Civil Society and the Kurdish Question The AKP, Civil Society and the Kurdish Question“, in Marchetti/Tocci: “Conflict Society and Peacebuilding“, Routledge New Delhi Buy the book on amazon UK   Read more
January 2011, Südosteuropa 58 (2010) Together with Gerald Knaus Generals, Christians and Turkey’s European Revolution Read more
19 August 2009, Turkish Foreign Policy From “Surrounded by Enemies” to “Zero Problems”   Centre for Applied Policy Research (CAP) - Policy Analysis,   This... Read more
8 August 2009, CRIA, Regional Elections and the Kurdish Question Caucasus Review of International Affairs: "Regional Elections and the Kurdish Question" (Peer reviewed) The results of Turkey’s regional elections of 29 March 2009 were ambiguous, with no definite... Read more
FernUniversität Hagen, Kurden in der Türkei Master’s thesis, September 2008 Kann Völkerrecht zum Frieden führen? (bitte kontaktieren Sie mich für ein pdf Dokument) Read more
August 2008 -Turkish Policy Quarterly Was There, Is There, Will There Be A Kurdish Plan? Read more
Juni 2000 - Diplomarbeit FU Berlin "Zivilgesellschaft in autoritären Staaten - Ägypten und die Türkei im Vergleich" "Zivilgesellschaft in autoritären Staaten - Ägypten und die Türkei im Vergleich" Read more


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24 Oct., Cizre Together with ARD's Turkey and... Read more
Flat Kuzguncuk Istanbul English version below Wohnung... Read more
5 July, Aizanoi Aizanoi (Αἰζανοί) is located within... Read more
15 June, Tel Abyad - Akcakale With German ARD radio Turkey... Read more
work with journalists since 2012 Examples of collaboration with journalists... Read more
9 May, Kamp Armen, Tuzla With Hispan TV's Turkey correspondent... Read more
Atapuz, Nord - Pernambuco Im Norden Pernambucos, in der... Read more
Instituto Ricardo Brennand, Recife Das Instituto Ricardo Brennand ist... Read more
Quilombo Palmares, Alagoas Quilombos waren Siedlungen entflohener Sklaven,... Read more
Cachoeira Paulo Afonso, Bahia Die Wasserfälle Cachoeira Paulo Alfonso an... Read more
Garanhuns, Pernambuco Garanhuns ist als Blumenstadt bekannt,... Read more
Söğüt, Eskişehir, Phrygian Valley Some photos and impressions from... Read more
17 October, Watching Kobani With Italian journalist Mariano Giustino... Read more
16 Oct, Nizip Refugee Camp Together with Italian journalist (Diritto... Read more
23 Sept., Impressions from Suruç Erste Eindrücke von der Situation... Read more
7 August, Rain in Istanbul 7 August 2014: long announced... Read more
4 May 2014, Kuzguncuk photos Testing my new camera from... Read more

Consultancy / Fixer

Ekrem Eddy Güzeldere, consultant, fixer Istanbul, Turkey

Historical background, up-to-date information, travel logistics, arranging of meetings, translation, critical analysis, trends and future perspectives on political and social issues in and around Turkey ....

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